Corporate Management Trainee Program Week 13 2016

As our first trainee projects are starting to wind down, it is exciting to see our cohort wrapping up and really delivering on our project objectives. Everyone has worked extremely hard and is truly making an impact at our company.

For this project rotation, I am working in Foodservice Ketchup Marketing. My goal is to ultimately make a recommendation for packaging. This project is an excellent opportunity to work cross functionally, with marketing, finance, packaging, and operations, as all of these are key factors in understanding viable options. This project provides an exciting opportunity to engage global Kraft Heinz contacts to understand packaging around the world, as I had calls with employees in China, the Netherlands, Russia, and more.

As someone who studied mechanical engineering and was placed in a marketing role, this is exactly why I chose the CMTP program: to learn a tremendous amount and be pushed outside my comfort zone. While I could look at the packaging in a purely mechanical engineering approach, I’m encouraged to think about its effect on brand equity and what approach we take as the leader in ketchup. In addition to learning marketing terms and strategies relevant to my project, I have made sure to take the time to learn from the impressive marketers around me on different brands and see what they work on day-to-day.

For this project, I had the added challenge of working for a team based out of Pittsburgh while I am here in Chicago. As a co-headquartered company, it was excellent to further develop my communication skills in this setting and effectively work independently.

It has been a great experience to continue growing my Kraft Heinz network throughout this project while always having my cohort on whom I can lean!

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