Operations Management Trainee Program Week 13 2016

As the weeks progress, I am feeling more and more at home in my new assignment at the Kraft Heinz plant in California. One other trainee and I have been placed in this plant now for about 6 weeks, spending time with management and supervising teams trying to understand what they do at the facility. We have also been working with both operators and supervisors to learn how we fit in. Everyone has high expectations for us and this is a very fast paced environment. It has been fantastic getting to know the operators and the staff and hearing their ideas of possible improvements in the plant. There are a lot of big and beneficial changes that are in the works at our plant and we have a huge role in them. It’s very exciting and motivating.

Much of my time and attention has been devoted to getting established at the plant; however, the other Tulare trainee and I have spent the weekends exploring the area and getting connected. There is a ton to do in the area. We spent a day at on the coast driving ATVs on sand dunes at Pismo Beach, a day hiking and exploring just outside the gates to Sequoia National Park, and even spent a day snowboarding in the mountains of California on three inches of fresh powder.

In two weeks, all of the operations trainees will be flying back to Chicago for our final two weeks of corporate training — Entrepreneurship and Leadership weeks. We are looking forward to being back in the beautiful city of Chicago and reconnecting with the rest of the trainees in our cohort. The whole experience has been great and there is a lot of opportunity for us ahead as a company and as future leaders.

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