Corporate Management Trainee Program Week 14 2016

One of the most unique parts of the Corporate Management Trainee Program is the company’s insistence on developing talent by broadening your skill base. After graduating with a Mechanical Engineering degree, I chose the CMT Program because I knew it would stretch my abilities and put me in uncomfortable situations while keeping my best interests in mind. My project allowed me to do just that when I was given the opportunity to work in Global ZBB, which is the Zero Based Budgeting branch of our finance department. By giving me a rotation in a finance role, I have been able to develop myself and build a strong understanding of the basic components of our company’s financial structure.

The objective of my project was to develop an awards program to incentivize package owners to increase savings where possible within the company. Spending within the company is grouped into buckets called “packages,” and each of these packages has an owner who is in charge of that package’s budget for the year. By incentivizing reductions, the company will then be able to reinvest funds directly into our people, our products and our brands. Additionally, every package owner has a different background, and this has allowed me to learn about other functions of the company, which is incredibly valuable as I grow within Kraft Heinz.

It’s been very refreshing knowing the program has lived up to my lofty expectations. As I prepare for my full-time assignment, I believe I’ve been placed in a position to succeed, which is the goal of the program’s structure. Having a legitimate impact on the company this early in my career is truly an invaluable opportunity.

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