Corporate Management Trainee Program Week 15 2016

After wrapping up our first project rotation, we transitioned into Entrepreneurship week. The operations trainees and sales trainees returned to our co-headquarters office from our respective plants and field sales locations to join the corporate management trainees and learn how we all can be entrepreneurs at our company. We were introduced to a hypothetical case study that challenged us to choose any emerging market to expand a very famous Kraft Heinz brand. Through class room style presentations from leaders in the product category, exports, logistics, in-store execution, mergers and acquisitions and strategic problem solving, the trainees were able to gather pertinent information related to the case study. We also spent time with our case study groups to select an emerging market, gather market data and run financial feasibility models to put together a persuasive case.

Although this was only a hypothetical case study, I’ve learned a lot about how individuals and teams within our company can work together on projects. Our case study presentations are next week and I’m looking forward to everyone’s unique ideas and entrepreneurial initiatives.

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