Operations Management Trainee Program Week 15 2016

This is it! After one and a half months working on our first assignments, we have all finally reunited back in Chicago for Leadership and Entrepreneurship Week. It’s been one week since all of the Operations Trainees touched down, and I think all of us agree – it’s nice to be back.

After saying our hellos and catching up with the rest of our trainee cohort, it was time for training. Thus far, we have heard from several different leaders of the company about what it takes to be an innovator, and how to take charge of a program in a leadership role. We also had the chance to share our progress on our yellow belt projects, as well as listen to what the rest of our cohort has been working on while we were apart.

Currently, we are all working on a case study, in which we are analyzing the possibility of introducing a very famous Kraft Heinz product in a new, emerging market. This has been an enlightening experience for all of us, as this is the first time we’ve been able to take charge and make such high-level decisions for one of our biggest products.

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