Sales Management Trainee Program Week 15

This week was exciting; I got the chance to help sell a new Kraft Heinz item to our retailer! I learned that sampling our products is a proven way to increase the likelihood of our items being accepted into distribution and I saw how quickly it happened. The committee tasted the products and then voted immediately after. Next, they ordered cases for their stores. I also got to sit in on a monthly retail meeting with my team to look at May priorities. We identified Memorial Day as a “power window” and opportunity to sell-in displays and increase distribution in stores. These important discussions allow us to set targets to drive results.

Leadership/Entrepreneurship week kicked off to a great start as the sales and operations trainees flew in to Chicago for a reunion. We were split into groups to work on a hypothetical assignment to sell a very famous Kraft Heinz brand into a developing market. Leaders from various divisions of sales, finance, business development, brand management, and mergers and acquisitions presented their functions and helped us with project development. They challenged us to look at the big picture and apply logical reasoning to each choice that was made. We will present our market analysis as well as financial data next week and the winning team receives a prize!

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