Corporate Management Trainee Program Week 16 2016

This past week, our cohort and our fellow sales and operations trainee cohorts, took a deep dive into what it means to be a leader at Kraft Heinz. Leadership week has been highly anticipated by all of us, especially as we think about moving to our final roles next week and taking on leadership positions in the future.

We began this week by presenting our results and accomplishments from our first project rotations. During our presentations, we focused on portraying ourselves as leaders and owners. Later in the week, we reviewed the video recordings of our presentations and critiqued each other’s body language and delivery. As someone who is naturally nervous giving presentations, I found this exercise extremely helpful and have noticed my presentation skills improved since January!

After our presentations we loosened up and took the stage at a renowned improv theater. This was an amazing experience for our cohort. We were able to connect the learnings from improv to leadership skills in a corporate environment. Not to mention, it was one of the most fun activities our cohort has experienced together.

My favorite part of the week was Friday when a professor and program director of the Carnegie Mellon Leadership and Negotiation Academy for Women, presented a leadership development course. She helped us develop our own personal brand and helped us understand our leadership style. She also helped us identify how we wanted to grow as leaders and how to make that growth happen.

This week may have been the most fun week I have ever had at work. We were able to not only self- reflect and improve upon ourselves, but we were also able to grow closer as a network. I now feel as if our cohort is ready for our second project rotation and to utilize our leadership skills in the best way possible.

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