Operations Management Trainee Program Week 16 2016

Last week was our final week of classroom-based training, yet it was hardly based in the classroom. Between preparing for our big report-outs on our projects, deciding how to best pitch our ideas for emerging markets, identifying our own leadership brand, and working on our improv skills at a Theater in Chicago, it was anything but a traditional week of learning.

One of the best parts was hearing about all of the projects from the rest of the cohort. I was blown away by the quality of work completed. When we left Chicago to start our first rotations and project work, I knew that I was in excellent company, but listening to what each of us was able to accomplish further solidified it.

We built a strong bond during the course of our training that I’m sure we’ll carry into our new roles, looking for any excuse to reconnect, be it a simple group message when someone passes by our favorite lunch spot, or when someone returns to the city and rubs it in to see all the jealous responses. It was a bittersweet feeling as we reached the end of the week. We’re ready to begin the transition into our final roles, but at the same time, we’re separating as a cohort to return to our locations with only a brief reunion at graduation in sight. We couldn’t have asked for a better week. We’ve had many unique opportunities and we’ll always have those to reflect upon.

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