Sales Management Trainee Program Week 16 2016

What an exciting and beneficial week Leadership training has been! First of all, it has been amazing having all my new besties back in Chicago and seeing how well they are adjusting to their respective roles and locations. We started out the week presenting our first projects to the talent team, our managers, and other leaders. It was incredible to see what everyone had accomplished in just six short weeks.
The week also included a variety of different learning experiences. We continued teamwork on our case studies, and presented them to a board of judges. We attended improv class at an impressive theater. We also participated in a very helpful management simulation game and learned from a world-renowned professor and executive coach from Carnegie Mellon University.

Improv class was a unique experience that tested us as a group and as individuals; as a group we have become very comfortable with each other so this was a neat opportunity to see each person pushed out of their comfort zone and displayed another side of themselves. The management simulation provided me with great base knowledge of how I want to be managed as well as how I should manage groups and individuals moving forward. Finally, the leadership training was quite possibly my favorite day in our training program so far. Our coach provided us with tools and tips on how to manage conflict but also how to develop our own leadership style to keep grounded in who we are while still staying true to our company culture and norms. My group was also fortunate enough to have won the case study competition, which has given us the opportunity to meet one-on-one for an additional hour with the coach. I am really looking forward to this time and will share the information with my peers.

I can’t believe how fast the time is flying; the next time we are all together will be graduation. As much fun as it has been being back together, I am excited to once again join my team next week as I head to Seattle for my first customer call!

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