Corporate Management Trainee Program Week 17 2016

We are now one week into our second rotation. I was placed on the Oscar Mayer Revenue Management team and I couldn’t be happier with my placement. My manager, is a data scientist; he got is undergrad and masters in statistics and was midway through a Data Science PHD when he realized he wanted to work at Kraft Heinz full time. You might ask, “Hey Adam, what does statistics and data science have to do with selling Oscar Mayer meats?” Let me tell you. Every decision that we make here regarding pricing or promotion is based on analysis. No rock goes unturned when trying to find the right balance and my job is to flip over rocks.

The nice part about working under a data scientist is that he expects my findings to be based in statistics. . As a recent grad with a math degree, I am actually applying things that I was taught at school, including things I never thought I would use again in my life. Even better, I get to apply the things I have learned in a business setting. We even occasionally can get carried away in team meetings where we geek out about statistics for an hour and completely forget what we initially planned on discussing.

The third member of our Revenue Management team is Ricci. He is the business mind of the team. He got his MBA from Columbia and understands the business very well. The nice part about Ricci is that he is an amazing teacher and sits me down once a day to go over different aspects of the business, explaining it in the simplest way possible. While Ricci is only 5 years older than me, he has a ton of experience and has lived all over the world. I continue to find new and interesting things about him every day (i.e. he is a semi professional boxer and fights after work).
Fab and Ricci are an awesome team and they balance each other out perfectly. I am really lucky to be a part of the Oscar Mayer revenue management and I am excited for the many adventures to come.

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