Operations Management Trainee Program Week 17 2016

As our two weeks in corporate training come to a close, it’s time to get back to business. While the other cohorts are starting on their second rotation, the Operations cohort is diving deeper into our projects and starting to transition into our full-time roles as supervisors.
With my project gearing down, I’ve begun to branch out a little. At one of the leadership training sessions in Chicago, the instructor told we need to “shed the trainee jacket” and start to be more involved in the business. Ask questions, state your opinion when necessary, become an active member of the team, whatever you think is the best way to bring you out of your comfort zone. From getting involved with “quick win” projects, to simply setting up time to meet someone and learn something new about this business, I’ve found this as a truly effective way to grow in such a diverse company.
On the Operations team, there’s quite a buzz about where I work– Davenport. The company is building a brand new state-of-the-art facility in town. Ground was broken just a short while ago, and already we’ve seen some real progress. This new plant will hopefully drive growth and cause a lasting, positive impact for our company.

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