Sales Management Trainee Program Week 17 2016

After an amazing week and a half in Chicago for Entrepreneurship and Leadership Training, I am back in the Minneapolis Sales Office. This week was very exciting because I started my second project with Category Leadership. I am now gaining experience with the different tools we have available to analyze data and understand consumer insights. I am pulling data on the entire Cheese business and analyzing it by different flavors and brands. This is something we can use to understand the overall cheese business.

In addition, I sat in on a meeting with one of our buyers. This was great opportunity to see the interaction the Category Leadership Team has with the buyers.

On Thursday, I shadowed a Customer Retail Manager. This was an amazing experience because I was able to get one-on-one exposure to a different sales role in the company. Throughout the day, we went through some of the daily responsibilities and also went on a store visit. It was interesting to see another sales team’s structure and learn from their best practices.

I cannot believe we are already starting our second rotation but I am very excited to dive deeper into my Category Leadership project!

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