Corporate Management Trainee Program Week 18 2016

After the excitement of our first week, we are now all settling into our final placements and starting to really contribute to our teams. I was placed in Pittsburgh on our frozen snacks marketing team. My placement is unique for a marketing role, because I get to work with so many different brands and products, like Bagel Bites and TGI Fridays. Being able to work in both Chicago and Pittsburgh has given me an amazing overall view of our company, and has taught me a lot about how a dual-headquartered company works and operates day-to-day.

For this particular project rotation, I’m focusing on our TGI Fridays snacks brand, and creating tools and gathering data to better help and guide our field sales team. Though I have only been in this role for a very short time, I have already been exposed to so much and so many people, from learning how to use new tools and databases to gather data, to going to product cuttings (aka tastings) for new product development. Working in Marketing at Kraft Heinz guarantees you will work with a lot of cross-functional colleagues, and the information we learned in our training has helped me better understand what everyone’s role is and how if all fits together.

Although I miss Chicago and my cohort, coming back home to Pittsburgh and being able to work in marketing has been a great experience so far, and I’m excited to see what else this role will bring!

The photo shows the view from our downtown Pittsburgh office, with a great view of the rivers, the point and Heinz Field!

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