Operations Management Trainee Program Week 18 2016

At this point in the training program, I have been fully immersed in my role at the plant. I have been able to get to know all the people and what their jobs entail; something that will be very helpful once I settle into my final role. After coming back from Entrepreneurship and Leadership week in Chicago, I have focused on two main things: finishing my project and reviewing the key elements of what it takes to be a front line leader in the factory.

I have made some progress on my project. I started the improve phase and tested my solution. . I am still in the process of making some tweaks to make sure there is a 100% success rate. My solution is not quite acting the way I want it to, so I am currently implementing changes. I have also come up with two different contingency plans, just in case it does not work 100%. I have able to learn many things from this project that will help me in all my future projects.

Besides the project, I am still learning the more about being a front line leader in my factory. I am refreshing the skills I learned my first six weeks here, as well as learning more of the background about the plant. This is important to know before jumping in because of all the changes at the factory this year. I am also slowly transitioning into a new shift and a new schedule. Overall, I am excited to see the new opportunities that will be present for me in the upcoming weeks.

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