Corporate Management Trainee Program Week 19 2016

Most of us are now in our third week of our final placement, but for me it is a little different—I was placed with the same team, Beverages and Snack Nuts. You may be thinking that I didn’t have a try a new role, but I’ve loved my project. I knew that I had so much to learn from my team and I couldn’t be more excited to stay with them. Now, after almost 3 months, I’ve gradually been given more responsibilities where I can make an impact.

If I had to choose what I like most in my role, I would say my team! It’s not just about what you do, but how and who you do it with (the picture is me with my team). I would define my role as consolidator of the Beverages and Snack Nuts categories’ results. But it is not just about tying together numbers— you really have to understand, simplify and be able to explain it. My manager, is a great example, he works hard and pushes me to learn and become more efficient.

Even with the same team, I always have new challenges. This week I had to organize all the consumption information that we needed for our Monthly Performance Review with the CEO. When I finally finished everything, my manager said, “Sweet! But now, how do we automate this process next month to help us do this in less than 1 hour?” I had just finished my goal and I received a new challenge. Challenges like these push me to become a better financial analyst.

But it’s not all about work; here we work hard and we play hard. This week we celebrated with a Beverages and Snack Nuts Happy Hour!
I know that all of us have our daily challenges, but I know that my cohort will be there if I need help. Now, I’m looking forward to meeting the incoming cohort and help them receive great opportunities and learnings of being a Kraft Heinz Trainee.

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