Sales Management Trainee Program Week 19 2016

I am currently working for Kraft Heinz in the Arkansas sales office. Things are becoming more and more exciting for me at the office since two of our coworkers were promoted! While this has meant an increase in workload, it has been a fantastic learning experience and I myself gaining new skills every day. We are also looking forward to welcoming two new team members in the next few weeks, so there will be many changes in a short time.

So far, working at Kraft Heinz has been great! One of my favorite aspects of my current role is my ability to touch so many pieces of our large company. I have spent a majority of my time creating sales stories to help drive sales at a major retailer and updating reports used throughout the company and with the executive leadership team. However, I’ve also had the chance to sit in on buyer meetings where we sold in several products for end-cap displays in stores, and I will even have the opportunity to represent our company at a Grand Opening this week. Knowing that my work plays such a pivotal role in our company’s success is a major motivator for me to always perform and produce the best work possible. I greatly enjoy the variety that my role offers, and the ability to be directly in front of both the customer and our consumers has taught me a lot about how each facet of our business works.

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