Corporate Management Trainee Program Week 20 2016

We have finally crossed the halfway mark for our second rotations, and it is crazy to see how things have changed and developed. When I changed roles, I went from E-Commerce Development to Network Operations Support. You might be sitting there thinking, “I have no idea what either of those roles mean,” because that was my first thought. The funny thing is, as different as these two projects were; they ended up having similar challenges. The teams needed help executing and managing a process, so I came in to help figure it out.

That’s honestly the thing I’ve enjoyed the most about working here. I love to be a problem solver; I love to take something challenging, or that wasn’t working well, and turn it into something that anyone can handle. The best thing about that kind of role is the more you dig into an issue, the more answers you find, the more people you meet, and the more connections you make. It’s a lot of fun to keep meeting new people who may be able to help. I like learning what they manage, and I love how open they are to helping me now and with anything else I may need.

A big part of the project I’m working on now has been documenting what it takes to manage the process efficiently–initially we thought we would need to change how the entire process worked. This past week, however, after digging through some other possible solutions, I was able to get rid of a part of the process to enable more efficiency. I love these kinds of projects because they are like giant knots. All you have to do is find the right string to pull on and the problem just unravels.

The people here are wonderful. I still go out for drinks with the team from my first project. I’ll go down to grab some espresso and a snack with my new team, My manager and colleagues have been incredibly supportive. I think it will be challenging to move again and work with a new group, but, I can’t wait to meet them.

Five months down, and everyone from the cohort seems to be doing great. I can’t wait to meet the new cohort coming in to give them the same help and opportunities everyone’s given to me already.

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