Operations Management Trainee Program Week 20 2016

I’m now in my 14th week working and living in Springfield, MO and things couldn’t be better. The weather keeps getting nicer and nicer which lead to a great Memorial Day weekend! I was able to go to a friend’s lake house and soak up the sun. I also learned how to wake board; although, those who were watching might have called what I was doing “falling with style”. I’m looking forward to floating season and hopefully I can find a nice trail to mountain bike pretty soon!

After returning from Leadership and Entrepreneurship training in Chicago about 4 weeks ago I have started my new role as a Production Supervisor!! It has been very exciting and, at times, a nerve-wracking experience taking on the full responsibilities of a Production Supervisor. The immersion and shadowing experiences at the plant have helped me take on this role as seamlessly as possible. It has given me the confidence that I can and will make the right decisions, knowledge about who to ask questions when I have them, and most importantly, it has helped me feel comfortable at the plant. Even with all of the knowledge that the immersion has provided there have still been many things that I have encountered that I did not know how to handle. Luckily, the people here at the plant are very knowledgeable and have been more than willing to help me, and allowing me to build my knowledge base so that I can handle more and more on my own in the future. Every day is a new challenge to conquer and I gain more knowledge so I am always learning!

As a Production Supervisor, I’ve had to learn how to balance my time working on projects and fulfilling my day-to-day responsibilities. It has been a challenge, but every week I’m getting better and better at managing my time. I’m beginning the Improve phase of my yellow belt project which is a really exciting time! If all goes according to plan, the project will save the plant a great deal of money and resources. Fingers crossed it goes well!

Having only just skimmed the surface of what it means to be a Production Supervisor at a large plant in the fifth largest food and beverage company in world, I am very humbled being able to work alongside the great people and I am extremely excited to see what the future holds!

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