Operations Management Trainee Program Week 21 2016

It’s been three months since I began my final placement in Tulare, CA, and a month and a half since I was appointed a Production Supervisor. My roles and responsibilities have been challenging, but very rewarding. I have learned a lot about managing people, developing strategies, training, payroll, and the manufacturing process. The existing supervisors and management team have been very helpful in pointing me in the right direction and making sure I have everything I need to succeed. In addition to managing people and supporting my department, I have been working on numerous continuous improvement projects to help reduce operational costs.

One of the most challenging aspects of the job has been managing employees. I have sought feedback from the operators and adapted leadership styles throughout to be more effective.

Outside of work, some of my coworkers and I play in a coed adult soccer league in the area. I have done some traveling in the area with another trainee. Tulare gets quite hot in the summers – today it reached a high of 105°F. Tulare is in the middle of many California attractions. So far, I have been snowboarding and fishing in the mountains, explored Sequoia National Park, did a brew tasting tour in San Diego, and went deep sea fishing off the coast of San Francisco!

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