Sales Management Trainee Program Week 21 2016

My second project in Category Leadership is coming to a close. During this project, I performed an analysis on new items and compared them to the competitive market place. It is amazing to see just how many factors can influence new item performance—from distribution, seasonality, to velocity. As a Category Leadership Manager, you are really breaking down the vast amount of data available and making valuable recommendations to the team. I also gained exposure to Customer Category Management by seeing how they plan to spend funds each year in different categories. There are many strategies they can choose to help sales.

The best part about the training period is that I got to learn about the different roles and all aspects of sales because people want to set you up for success. My manager and colleagues never hesitate to answer my questions and set aside time from their busy schedules to train me. The systems and tools may seem complex at first, but ultimately they are vital in helping you build an analytical framework so you can answer questions like “where should I spend advertising dollars?” Or, “Which market offers the best potential for launching a new product?”
We present our projects in a few weeks and I cannot wait to see what each of us have accomplished during our time in training.

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