Corporate Management Trainee Program Week 22 2016

About five months ago my life took a major turn. I graduated from Georgia Tech, said goodbye to many friends and family members, and moved to Chicago to start the Corporate Management Trainee Program at Kraft Heinz. The past five months have completely exceeded my expectations. I never thought I would have so much responsibility in such little time and become so close with my trainee cohort. Looking back on these past five months, I am amazed by the number of experiences we have had.

During the first week of our trainee program in January, we were told that we would work harder than we ever have before. Throughout the next seven weeks of training, I started to understand this to be true. All of the Kraft Heinz employees that came to teach us about their function or assign us a case study were great examples of people who work hard at our company. When your leaders work hard and have so much pride in their work, it motivates you to follow suit. I learned so much during these seven weeks about the culture of Kraft Heinz and how everyone works together to achieve our goals. Once we reached the conclusion of training at the end of February, I was itching to gain some responsibility and deliver results.

The next seven weeks, I worked in Business Development Operations on a Project Management Team. These weeks were full of hard work, where I learned a lot about discipline, how to work across functions, and about operations. It was a great experience to work on such an exciting project that truly impacted our company.
In April, our cohort reunited for two more weeks of training: Entrepreneurship and Leadership weeks. These weeks were significant for my progression. We spent a lot of time reflecting on our leadership skills and understanding the methodologies that support our company.

After about four months of training and working on our project rotations, we were ready for our permanent positions within the company! My permanent role is a Commodity Analyst on the Global Commodity Risk Management Team. More specifically, I have spent the past couple of months focusing on a project to better understand our Global Energy Procurement practices. Thinking back to early April when I received this project, I can say that I was stunned. I had no idea what to expect and was unsure if I was prepared to succeed. I remembered being told back in January that this program is all about being put in these types of situations and proving yourself. Now that I am about seven weeks into this position, I have to say that everything we were told is true. Time and time again I have been put in situations that I’ve never been in before, and time and time again I am learning from them and becoming a better employee and person. This program has truly taught me how to adapt to change and persevere. I love to think back to early January and can’t believe the amount of experiences my cohort has had. It’s been one amazing ride!

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