Sales Management Trainee Program Week 22 2016

Over the past few weeks I have been overwhelmed with bittersweet feelings as our training program comes to a close. The past five months have been some of the most challenging, exciting, and rewarding times of my life. As concerned as I was to step out of my comfort zone and move to Chicago, I am grateful for the giant push this program gave me to jump in and do it.

Working on a major customer team has given me incredible exposure and experiences early on in my career. I recently was able to see my first project come to fruition as the work I did to analyze and create a sales story resulted in a big win. My second project has been an exciting one as well, as I evaluated the Planters category and made recommendations to Business Delivery buyers. The team is also seeing strong traction behind these recommendations. Finally, I would say I am most excited to see the results of my last project; this has been one that has combined my months of learning and training to create. I was able to do a deep dive into an account to see what is truly working and how we should expand. As the program winds down, I am looking forward to starting my permanent role on the account team, and being able to continue working in the Chicago office. Working with a variety of sales teams in this office has been fun; this past week we had a pot luck lunch.

I am sure the bittersweet feelings will continue in the coming weeks, as I know this chapter will be ending and a new (even more exciting) one beginning. I can’t wait for my friends to be back for graduation and for the new trainees to begin this incredible adventure!

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