CMTP, OMTP, SMTP Final Blog 2016 1st Half

The members of the January 2016 Corporate, Sales, and Operations Trainee Programs were asked five questions in an interview about their 6 month trainee programs. Below are a few answers from each question. As of June 30th, they have officially graduated from our program, and we can’t wait to see them deliver results and grow as emerging leaders in the company!

Q: What was your favorite immersion week? Why?

“Sales week was my favorite. Not only was going to Florida in the middle of February amazing, but it was really cool to learn about the sales function at Kraft Heinz. We truly are a sales organization, and without the sales teams, we couldn’t get our products to consumers. And now that I am a marketing analyst, it has been extremely helpful to know how sales and our sales teams work so that I know how to build better relationships between them and my brand team.” – Taylor S. ., CMTP

“Operations. Although manufacturing was a small portion of it, it was incredible to see the entire logistics network of such a large company.” – Armando, OMTP

“My favorite immersion week was Food Science week, because this week connected consumer insights with the development of our products. Working for a food company, I felt it was really important to learn how our products are created and to understand the processes put in place to determine how the value of projects are assigned.” – Doug, CMTP

“My favorite immersion week was leadership week because all 3 cohorts were able to come back and spend the week in Chicago together after time apart and I really feel like we all grew together as future leaders of this company.” – Brandt, OMTP
“My favorite week was finance week, but I’m biased. After receiving my placement, every week is finance week and I love it.” – Adam, CMTP

Q: What was the funniest moment of the trainee program?

“All the skits from the improv session in Chicago! Really brought out the silliness in everyone.” – Joy, SMTP

“Funniest moments were always any presentation that Greg delivered because of the carefully crafted punch lines woven into his speeches.” – Nick, OMTP

“When we took our sales trip to Tampa, FL in February. We were all so excited to arrive that Matt began chanting “TAMPA, TAMPA” as we all were walking through the airport to our rental cars.” – Alannah, CMTP

“Probably when Reus was named “Best guest EVER” at the Hilton Garden Inn in Tampa.” – Taylor C., SMTP

Q: What is the area you’ve improved the most in as a result of the program?

“I think my confidence has improved the most, especially as a young professional. Having so many opportunities during case studies and other events to stand in front of leaders at Kraft Heinz and present forced us all to be more confident in ourselves and our work.” – Rachel, CMTP

“After weeks of training, I am more confident in my ability to deliver results.” – Eileen, CMTP

“With such a data-driven company I have improved my analytical skills by utilizing all the data sources Kraft Heinz has available.” – Bridget, SMTP

Q: What do you find the most challenging about the transition into your full-time role?

“The most challenging part about my new role has been managing my time between administrative tasks that must be done, direction-setting meetings that help drive the business, and engaging with the employees. I have enjoyed the challenge of meeting high expectations. Since transitioning into my new role, I have learned a lot about my own management style and about how I can effectively manage and prioritize my time.” – Jake, OMTP

“The expectations! I didn’t know what my new manager and my new team were expecting from my first project. But as I heard in the 6 weeks of training, be humble and work hard, that was the key for me.” – Camilla, CMTP

“Getting trained on the wide variety of tasks I will be responsible for. Difficult at first, but I feel prepared with a great support system to help me along the way.” – Matt R, SMTP

“Trying not to overstep my bounds when first transitioning to my full-time role. I was very excited to start impacting the business after training, but needed to take a step back and become fully aware of the plant-specific situation before trying to change things.” – Sean P, OMTP

Q: What is your favorite part about your new location?

“Being able to watch my city win an NBA championship” – Alex, OMTP, OH

“Going out on the lake in my friend’s boat” – Matt A, SMTP, AR

“I love the fact that in Chicago, I can always find something new to check out. Whether it’s a restaurant, comedy club, new bar, or anything. It’s fun to always have the option to try something new.” – Greg, CMTP, Chicago, IL

“Weather, beaches, beach restaurants, plant experience.” – Jorge, OMTP, FL

“My favorite restaurant in Springfield, MO is definitely the local pizza place! I always look for great pizza outside of Chicagoland and this pizza is it!” – Sean M, OMTP, MO

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