Corporate Management Trainee Program Week 1 2H 2016

It’s been an exciting first week for all of the trainees at Kraft Heinz. After a bit of onboarding, a meet-and-greet with the Sales and Operations cohorts, and a few moments to enjoy the stunning views from the Aon Center, we jumped right into the first leg of our journey at one of the world’s premier food and beverage companies.

When the June CMTP cohort was interviewing with Kraft Heinz, we were told that we could make an immediate and profound impact right from the start. After just a week, there’s no doubt in my mind that Kraft Heinz truly lives by one of its core values –Ownership.As promised, our cohort was quickly put into a position of autonomy. Over the course of five business days, we’ve established our blog leaders and writers, made arrangements for our first business trips, and even had a roundtable discussion with CEO Bernardo Hees.

We’re also immersed in a comprehensive educational program designed to maximize our working efficiency as well as our knowledge of the company’s business structure. Think you know Excel? Great. Now try it without using a mouse or scroll pad, and don’t forget to memorize about sixty keystrokes. Intimidating as this may sound, Kraft Heinz provides you with all the tools to learn and exponentially grow your knowledge of the business. There’s always something you can learn or improve upon over the course of your career, and the beauty of the Corporate Management Trainee Program is that it puts my 37 new coworkers and I in a perfect position to succeed at the Kraft Heinz Company for years to come.

This week we’ll be in Glenview at the Kraft Heinz Innovation Center, learning about Research and Development as part of our goal to learn about several functions within the company. We’re all looking forward to learning more about how an iconic brand is created- more to come soon!

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