Sales Management Trainee Program 2H Week 1 2016

Hi! I’m currently a Sales Management Trainee at Kraft Heinz. Over the next several weeks, my cohort and I will fill you in on our experiences as we go through our sales management training experience.

As a recent college graduate with a degree in Supply Chain and Operations Management, I was initially a little nervous, considering I knew next to nothing about Sales or Sales Management and wasn’t sure what kind of work I would be doing. However, after interacting with a wide array of leaders at Kraft Heinz, including the Head of US Sales and our Executive Sponsor for the Sales Management Training Program (SMTP), I felt more confident knowing that I was joining a fast-paced and innovative company that wants its people to succeed.

In addition to meeting with different company leaders, we were also given different opportunities to learn about different business units, different functions, and even took a trip to Glenview, IL to visit our R&D facility and learn how many delicious Kraft Heinz products are made. Lastly, we got to explore what Chicago has to offer, from a Cubs games to the museums to karaoke nights.
Overall, the past week has been exhilarating, but exciting, and I can’t wait to finally go to my field office in New Jersey.

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