Sales Management Trainee Program Week 2 2H 2016

After graduating from Rutgers University, I’ll be joining the Kraft Heinz sales team in New Jersey following our initial training in Chicago.

With our onboarding Week behind us, we quickly shifted our focus to our functional (Sales) immersion. The first two days, we had company leaders come in and give us an in-depth look into the different business units and retail channels for our products. We were able to learn about the category dynamics such as current industry trends and the different strategies and priorities for each of our brands. The Head of US Sales, came in and gave us an extensive overview of the retail structure in the US. This was extremely valuable because we were exposed to a high-level view of what sales leadership and his team are focusing on.

In addition to participating in Excel training, Negotiating 101, and Six Sigma training, we were able to put our learnings into practice through several case studies. For example, we were given insights into current consumer trends and we were asked to h brainstorm ideas on how Kraft Heinz can activate against these insights using new product innovation.

We ended the week with a “Market Mission” where we shopped for groceries using a budget and other constraints from a given consumer profile. This presented us with a unique challenge: how do you feed a family on a limited budget? This really gave us a chance to work as a team and shop like a real consumer.

Overall, when our Head of Talent Management, Megan, told us that our only goal for the first six months of training is to “learn,” I didn’t fully understand what she meant, until now. In just two weeks we have learned so much about our company, our product portfolio, and each other. These past two weeks flew by, and I’m excited to continue learning as we each head off to our sales offices!

I truly believe that with Kraft Heinz you are given the tools necessary to make an impact on the business!

*The picture is a few members of our cohort after completing a fun, interactive team challenge in Chicago.

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