Corporate Management Trainee Program Week 3 2H 2016

This week was Finance Week, which was very daunting at first as a marketing major. However, this ended up being one of my favorite weeks so far. We had the opportunity to hear from some of the top finance leaders at our company and we learned about the many diverse and interesting finance roles at our company.

We learned about the many areas of finance and then we had the opportunity to apply what we learned through several case studies and activities. We first had a very challenging budgeting case study that involved a huge amount of data analysis, but it was extremely helpful in understanding how to create an effective budget. Later in the week, we had a case study in which we had to pitch a new product to a panel of “investors” and convince them to invest in our product. These were definitely the most challenging case studies we have had thus far, but they pushed us to learn and really understand how finance works at Kraft Heinz. Plus, they gave us the opportunity to work with teams made up of people with different backgrounds and ideas, just like we will be doing once we enter our roles in the company.

Outside of work, the cohort is getting really close and having a lot of fun exploring Chicago. This week, a group of us went to the Taste of Chicago after work and another day, we went to the Lincoln Park Zoo. There is so much to do in Chicago, so it is great to have a cohort that enjoys spending time together after work, too!

Next week will be Sales Week and we will be traveling to field sales offices around the country. I am excited for my first business trip and to continue to learn about this amazing organization! I know I have already grown so much since the start of the program and I feel so lucky to get to meet and learn from so many incredible leaders so early in my career.

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