Operations Management Trainee Program Week 2 2H 2016

After a great first week of onboarding presentations with both the corporate and sales cohorts, we had the opportunity to head out to various plants during the second week of the program to gain better insight into how the plants operate, the different roles within the plants, and most importantly, to get to know each other!

We were split up into two groups- one going to visit plants in, Iowa and the other group visited the plants in Illinois. Each group was given the opportunity to tour different plants in order to experience the differences between the two. The idea of getting to visit different plants was really exciting since this is where we will be starting our careers.

With an early morning wake up call, we all headed out to the plants and spent two days at each one. I was in the Illinois group where we got to see how pickles were and then we visited our largest food manufacturing facility!!

As soon as we arrived at the plants, we got to learn more about the day to day operations at the plant- including finance, HR, continuous improvement, and quality, etc., We then toured the facilities, shadowed supervisors, and got to participate in quality taste test at each plant! After a great day learning about everything it takes to keep the core of the business running, we were able to go out and explore the towns as a group.

We finished off the week by debriefing back at headquarters and hearing about the experiences that the other group had. It was a great way to get to know each other and learn more about what we will be doing in just a couple of weeks!

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