Operations Management Trainee Program Week 3 2H 2016

Following the 4th of July holiday, we began our Operations Immersion week. We began the week with overviews, and we got a closer look into the Kraft Heinz business units. The operations trainees group shadowed members of Procurement and Logistics teams, gaining insight into how these areas work with the business units. We got to sit in meetings, speak to various leaders, and ask many questions. We discovered that there is, a lot of overlap between all of the plants and a great deal of cross-functional communication.

To celebrate our 1st anniversary as Kraft Heinz, we had an ice cream social at our office. While the ice cream was great, it was even better to meet our CEO, Bernardo Hees! Just as friendly as we would’ve expected, he gladly jumped in to get a picture with all of us. It was a pretty great experience!

Following some great presentations by our company’s leaders, we were challenged with a case study. The objective was to integrate a new product into one of our existing plants or, if necessary, into a co-packer facility. Each plant had its own obstacles, many requiring capital investments to accommodate the product. Teams came up with an annual plan, including financial analysis and the physical feasibility.

The plans were assessed and the best manufacturing idea was the winner! Each team worked together in their own way and came up with very unique implementation plans. It was great to see the same situation from such different viewpoints, and this will be a valuable resource at our plants.

Friday we learned about our “playbook,” and ended with a look into the complexities of growing tomatoes for ketchup production.

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