Sales Management Trainee Program Week 3 2H 2016

Week one in Southern California comes with no complaints. From my desk is a view of palm trees and a fellow trainee; not what I’m used to seeing in my hometown of Kansas City, MO. My trainee buddy Emily, has been the greatest asset so far and is very understanding when I ask her five questions for every one thing she explains.

So far, I’ve been introduced to our various systems and have been given the rundown on the daily/weekly/monthly reports I will be filing for my Customer Category Manager. My team is currently transitioning from last year’s Sales Management Trainees, which has opened the door for me to begin taking on responsibilities right away. Friday I was taught how to do our Monthly Retail Planning Template and have since completed the August report. I appreciated how much trust was put in me to complete this retail priorities tracker that we relay to our local team. Our local team thrives off of its close customer relationship and constant communication across all business units. I experienced this earlier in the week when I accompanied my manager, to two customer meetings. At the meetings, he buyers were very receptive to all the ideas and recommendations given by our team. I came out of the day with lots of new knowledge and several new acronyms; if there’s one thing you should know about the day in the life of a KHC employee is that there is an acronym for everything.

Overall, the first few days here on the west coast have been full of positive experiences and newfound relationships with both my coworkers and customers. I’m looking forward to the next few months of training and all of the knowledge and responsibilities I’ll be acquiring along the way.

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