Corporate Management Trainee Program Week 4 2H 2016

Sales week was going to take our experience as trainees to the next level: our first business trip. Our cohort was divided into three groups and sent to Florida, Arkansas, and Minnesota. While we would miss our beautiful view from the Aon Center, overlooking Millennium Park and Lake Michigan, the sales offices would bring new challenges and lessons to our continually expanding knowledge base. We were also excited to learn that an intern from the UK would be joining our group for the week. He is originally from Brazil, so we were excited to get to learn more about his international Kraft Heinz experiences.

Our group, the Minneapolis group, arrived at the sales office on Tuesday morning. First we learned about the importance of sales in our organization, understanding how much detail goes into shelf placement, displays, and promotions. Next, we took a deep dive into our customer’s operations. We finished the day with a leadership panel, which was a great opportunity to ask all the burning questions from throughout the day. Even though the work day ended there, our team bonding continued, as the group migrated from the office to a local lawn bowling restaurant t, a sports spectacle our group will remember for years to come! Although we were unable to enter the tournament, we were definitely the most excited fans in the crowd!

As Wednesday rolled around, it was time for our field work expedition. We visited several types of grocery stores in the area to see exactly how all of the knowledge we learned the day prior could be applied in the stores. We will probably never walk through a grocery store the same way again, now that we know how to find all the sales and where the coupons are!

After a few slight (major) hiccups in travel plans (cancelled flights) Wednesday and Thursday, all returned to normal on Friday. Sales week was wrapped up with a ‘mock’ factory championship case study. This exercise was led by former trainees, which enabled an exciting end to an incredible week.

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