Sales Management Trainee Program Week 5 2H 2016

Greetings! I am one of the trainees in the Sales Management Trainee Program. I am originally from Cincinnati, OH. During college, I was granted the amazing opportunity to intern with the Kraft Heinz Company in Sales within the Cheese BU and it was one of the best internships I have ever experienced. I am excited that I was given the current opportunity to work full-time in the Sales function in Florida. During my past three weeks I have learned so much and met so many awesome people. I can say that my team all around has been very welcoming, supportive and fun. I am currently in the beginning stage of my project where I will focus on display execution in a key account. Last week I went to five different stores on my account, each with a different format that merchandised featured items differently.

During the next five months I will dive deeper into my analysis and give recommendations to improve our brands’ presence in store. . Overall my experience has been great so far. It has been amazing to have such a wonderful team and have the opportunity to share this experience with two other trainees from my cohort. . I am looking forward to many more amazing experiences throughout the year.

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