Corporate Management Trainee Program Week 6 2H 2016

The final week of our classroom-based learning turned out to be one of the best! With a focus on our operations functions, we had the opportunity to travel to a manufacturing plant and see our products being made in huge quantities! Before we left, I knew that this would be an eye-opening and fantastic opportunity that many people did not get the chance to see, but I had no idea how much fun I’d have. When I found out that I’d be in the group visiting our plant in Indiana, I was thrilled. It is at this location that my favorite food and delicious desserts are made: Jet- Puffed marshmallows. Even more fun than seeing an incredible amount of marshmallows being made in one location was the taste testing… did you know that candy corn marshmallows exist?! After waking up bright and early that day to drive to Indiana, the rest of the trainees and I were more than happy to take on a bit of a sugar rush.

Since the plant visit was a day trip, we spent the other days this week learning about everything from where our manufacturing plants are located to how we ensure that our ketchup comes from only the highest quality tomatoes. We met many great leaders that work in Operations, and even had a chance to work in teams to think about how we would introduce a new product into a manufacturing line.
Since this was the final week of our classroom-based learning, all the trainees were given their placements for our first 7 week project in the company! I was overwhelmingly happy when they told me I’d be doing a project in Research and Development, since I’ll be able to use my technical background in product development. Going forward, I know that I’ll think back to the visit to the plant and how cool it was to see the processes that help us make our products. I am proud to say that my love of marshmallows is stronger than ever, and I am more and more happy to work at such an awesome company with every bite!

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