Operations Management Trainee Program Week 6 2H 2016

Our Minnesota plant manufactures products including Velveeta and Kraft Singles, among others. The plant was built in 1955, but it certainly doesn’t look like it! There have been many renovations since then. As for the area, New Ulm has a lot to offer. It is located next to the Minnesota River, and exhibits a German heritage which is exemplified in its many festivals and local cuisine. Since moving here two weeks ago, I have had ample opportunity to explore and get to know this beautiful town.

The first six weeks of our schedules as operations trainees consist of onboarding in all the different functional areas of a plant. For me, the second week of this training was on the Quality team. In the Quality department, I helped out with cheese grading (checking products to ensure they are at the high standard expected by consumers) and cheese tasting and rating to test different cheese from suppliers. I’m confident these experiences will be very valuable once I start my final role in the plant!

My final placement will be as a packaging supervisor on the Velveeta line. Everything I’ve learned during my onboarding and training can be applied to this new line. It is especially exciting to have the chance to be involved in a start-up! During my first two weeks of onboarding in the plant I have learned a lot and I am excited to learn about the other areas of operations in the remaining four weeks of onboarding.

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