Sales Management Trainee Program Week 6 2H 2016

I cannot believe that my first month as a Sales Management Trainee on the Minneapolis team has already come and gone. I walked into the downtown Minneapolis sales office on my first day filled with nerves that were quickly calmed when I was welcomed by my two awesome managers, in addition to an entire team that has a great dynamic. Throughout my first two weeks in Minneapolis, I had one-on-one meetings with all of the members of the account team, which allowed me to become acquainted with the business as a whole while getting to know the team personally. I was immediately given a sales analytics project that focuses on diagnosing sales over the past few years, and in turn, finding ways to improve. I’ll have the opportunity to present my recommendations to my team and the account buyers. Our office location is conveniently a few blocks away from our customer’s headquarters, so we walk a few blocks to have check-in meetings with the buyers on a weekly basis. I am busy diving into a lot of data, but I am surrounded by a talented group of people who are always willing to help and answer questions, which has made my experience as a trainee great thus far!

The teams here share a newly renovated office space in a downtown Minneapolis sky scraper, in a central location surrounded by endless coffee shops, restaurants, food trucks, and happy hour spots. It is a Friday morning routine to round up the team for a walk through the sky-ways to splurge on donuts at this little bakery. Even though I’m already accustomed to Minnesota winters from trekking around the University of Minnesota’s large campus the past four years, I will definitely need to learn my way around the 8 miles of sky-ways before it is freezing again! From local breweries to the lakes located just outside of the downtown area, there is so much to do in Minneapolis!

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