Corporate Management Trainee Program Week 7 2H 2016

And so it begins… six weeks of development and it is time to showcase what we have learned. While we are constantly learning, it is finally time to help make a true difference in the company. As we all arrived at our respective offices Monday morning we were eager for our managers to come pick us up. It takes me back to when I was in middle school waiting for my mom to come pick me up from school. We were all so excited!

While a majority of us spent the week learning the scope of our projects, meeting our teams, and gaining access to our systems, a few of us spent Monday afternoon doing all of this plus traveling to Pittsburgh. This was an incredible experience! We were able to attend an Innovation Summit, talk with customers, and even had the opportunity to see the Kraft Heinz Innovation Center. This just goes to show that no day is the same here at Kraft Heinz. It is a company full of excitement and new challenges. If critical thinking and problem solving are in your DNA this is the place for you.

On Friday some of the cohort got together to discuss what each person had accomplished during the week and share their experiences. Let me tell you…it was truly incredible! The projects that were assigned and hearing the passion in their voices was invigorating. It makes you excited to come to work and knock your goals out of the park! From making food, to marketing new products, to developing company-wide training plans, we have the opportunity to touch the entire business and do meaningful work that will have a meaningful impact. We aren’t simply crunching numbers or at a desk, we are able and encouraged to interact with other business leaders and develop creative solutions to address issues in various areas.

This week truly makes you feel like an owner.

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