Operations Management Trainee Program Week 7 2H 2016

My work here is really starting to build! But I don’t mean this in a stressful way. Coming to work is always exciting because I know that I’ll always face a new challenge or step out of the plant knowing something new. This week, operations management trainees began working on our yellow belt projects. For some, this may mean improving a production line overall equipment efficiency, reducing downtime, or even optimizing production scheduling. Regardless of what type of project we’re assigned, we’re thoroughly investigating ways to improve our operations.

Personally, I am working to improve efficiency and case fill rate on a new line in the Iowa plant. Because my line is newly installed, and expectedly, there is quite a bit of unknown and I constantly need to be on my toes. Fortunately, there are several encouraging and experienced operators who can not only solve the problems, but also give me valuable advice on how to improve the process. I think the more time I spend on the floor, the more connections I am making with other employees who will share their opinions on how to improve the line. Every day, it is more apparent that the line operators are an invaluable resource to my success.

Beyond the plant, I feel fortunate to start my career with many other outgoing and intelligent recent college graduates. We may not have seen each other since our immersion weeks in Chicago, but we still keep in touch regularly through group messaging. Whether we’re asking about a similar yellow belt projects, or what’s up in Iowa, it is safe to say we’ve got each other’s backs

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