Corporate Management Trainee Program Week 8 2H 2016

It’s amazing how close our entire cohort has become over the past eight weeks. The week started on Sunday with a BBQ up in the suburb of Evanston, which was a nice change of pace, getting away from the busy city life. We all gathered around games and good food and got caught up with one another after completing our first week of projects. It was exciting to hear about the challenges that lie ahead for everyone, and the contributions that they are making within their teams.

Once Monday morning came, we were off and running with our projects. Growing up in a small country farm town in New Jersey, it is only fitting that my project is in Cheese and Dairy Procurement. It has been a cool experience seeing how the inputs of materials ultimately become the finished product. With the help of those around me, I am starting to develop my Excel skills and learn more about the procurement function within the cheese and dairy business unit. Although my team consists of me and two others, I never have trouble finding help or receiving answers to my questions. After only two weeks of work, I have learned more about cows and milk than I could have ever imagined.

After the second week of project work, I am looking forward to the challenges that I will face in the future. After learning so much from my team and those around me in only two weeks, I know there is so much more to learn, and that I am in a great position to take advantage of these learning opportunities!

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