Operations Management Trainee Program Week 8 2H 2016

It’s my third full week at the plant and I’m feeling excited and engaged. It’s something I’ve rarely experienced. After years of studying from textbooks and lectures, it’s incredibly refreshing to be learning about the real processes to make actual products that people buy and consume.

While I’m starting to feel comfortable with the general operations in the plant, it’s clear that the intricacies run deeper than someone could master even after years. My manager has set up a rotational shadowing schedule for my first six weeks, giving me a couple days with each department to learn about their piece of the business and daily responsibilities. This has been an excellent way to piece together my understanding of all that happens in the plant while also giving me exposure to nearly everyone who works here. The entire staff has gone all out to provide me a welcoming environment. I’ve yet to meet someone I would feel uncomfortable talking to or asking questions.

Coming from a chemical engineering background, my project is immediately testing the limits of my knowledge and forcing me to apply concepts in ways I never have before. My manager is giving me the chance to define every aspect of my project beyond the overall goal. By combining skills gained from my past internship, academic experience and corporate training, I am putting together a plan for how to go after that goal. It has quickly become clear that my personal success at Kraft Heinz will not result from anything less than the full utilization of my abilities and drive. I have been given an amazing opportunity to impress and to create real value. It’s up to me to deliver.

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