Sales Management Trainee Program Week 8 2H 2016

It has been about a month since I have been out in Northern California working with the San Ramon field sales office and the time seems to be flying by.  I am originally from California, and having the opportunity to live close to home and in the beautiful bay area has been a dream. It has also been an extremely insightful journey as I learn about the different roles within the sales office and  dive deeper into analytics.

My first project is a deep dive into sales analytics and I have been spending most of my days figuring out all the different systems and reporting tools in our company, so I can better support my team.

This past week was exciting as two of my fellow trainees based in Southern California met up in my office and had a more extensive training on our most used reporting tool. With this in-depth training I was able to hone in on my first project and start creating larger, more useful reports to help impact sales. I have almost completed my first project and my entire office and fellow trainees have been a huge support system. They have helped answer hundreds of questions per day, and helped me adjust to life after college and the “real” world.

This past week was also fun as I got to show my fellow trainees around town and explore the beautiful city of San Francisco. I miss the rest of my cohort but cannot wait until we head back to Chicago in October for another week of training and finally get to reconnect.

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