Corporate Management Trainee Program Week 9 2H 2016

This past week was my third week in my first project rotation! I am working with my boss on the marketing for a new product launch to make sure that we can position it in a way that will help it be successful in the marketplace. From a day-to-day perspective, this means that I am doing lots of research and data collection to determine the optimal price point and predicted volumes.

In addition to this project, I have been able to assist on some of the more tangible aspects of the new product launch. For example, last week I got to visit one of our research and development facilities to do some taste testing and gain critical insights about the optimal flavor and texture profile we would like to have for our new product. Additionally, I am going to begin working with an agency in the next week or two on initial package designs, which I am very excited about!

Overall, the experience thus far has been both extremely rewarding and challenging. It is nice to be responsible for the deliverables of such vital projects to the organization so quickly after graduating from college. While this is sometimes accompanied by a substantial amount of pressure to perform, the people who surround me make it enjoyable to go to work every day and are extremely willing to provide a helping hand when needed.

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