Corporate Management Trainee Program Week 10 2H 2016

With the six-week training program behind us, the Corporate Management Trainees are now in our fifth week of our first two-month project. Over the past month or so, we have each become deeply ingrained in our teams, finding something new to learn each day. The dedication and intelligence of our managers continue to impress and inspire us, as they encourage us to take ownership of our project at hand and work towards delivering actionable results for the company. The level of detail, data, and dialogue that goes into every decision made at Kraft Heinz continues to amaze me, and reflects the sincerity and thoughtfulness that each individual brings to his or her work.

Equally as impressive has been witnessing the incredible achievements each member of the cohort has been able to accomplish so far in such a short period of time. In one of our Research & Development centers, members of the cohort have been busy at work creating new products, testing new packaging, and interacting with senior leadership as they present new innovations.

At the Aon Center in downtown Chicago, Trainees are spread across myriad business units and roles: from Revenue Management to Sales to Marketing. Within these roles you will find Trainees working to restructure knowledge-sharing systems within brands, building dynamic databases to extract key trend data for Consumer Insights, learning to build complex statistical models to streamline our forecasting methodologies, researching emerging markets and strategies for approaching them, and much more!  Some have even been able to hit the field, traveling to distribution centers, manufacturing plants, our co-headquarters in Pittsburgh, and even to the Kraft Heinz office in Canada!

Personally, I am working on the E-Commerce team within the Central Marketing group and have been enjoying every second of it. As E-Commerce evolves each day, there is an endless amount of learning that takes place. Being at the forefront of something that continues to shape the development of our culture and methods of consumption is exciting, as it presents endless opportunities to make a true impact on the business with each new insight gained. We are all humbled by the experiences we have been able to have so far, and look forward to the lessons and knowledge that we will continue to accumulate as our time with Kraft Heinz continues.

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