Sales Management Trainee Program Week 10 2H 2016

Today marks the ninth day of September. Normally around this time, I would be back at DePauw University in Indiana re-acclimating to college with classes, sports, friends and other extracurricular activities. Instead, I am at my desk in the Aon Center with a beautiful view of Chicago, working hard to finalize the details of my first presentation in the Sales Development Trainee Program at The Kraft Heinz Company.

Next week, I will present a significant opportunity to my customer in the discount sector and I’m filled with all sorts of emotions. This program has allowed me to completely own this project with unwavering support and encouragement from my team.

At Kraft Heinz, I’ve been challenged to learn quickly and think fast. The business is constantly innovating and changing. Before arriving, I knew I would be working for one of the largest food companies in the world but I couldn’t grasp how large and successful this company actually is. I still can’t, which only opens more doors for opportunities to learn and add value every day.

The company is also dedicated to helping others! Working with the “Channels” sales team and the trainees and interns at Aon on two separate occasions, we packaged over 25,000 meals to #StopHungerNow!

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