Corporate Management Trainee Program Week 12 2H 2016

Just like that, it’s our last week of our first project rotation! It went by so fast but I wouldn’t trade these past six weeks for any other experience. My first rotation was in Talent Acquisition. I was amazed at the opportunity. As a marketing major, it was so much fun to market our company’s “talent brand” through the perspective of Human Resources. I had the chance to meet with and present to the CEO, discuss creative concepts and receive feedback on the project. That was an unbeatable experience.

There are awesome experiences outside of work too. This past weekend, a bunch of us from the cohort got together to go kayaking on the Chicago River and explore the city. After spending a few hours along the Riverwalk, we all went to grab some famous Chicago-style deep dish pizza. Having coworkers who are also your close friends has been one of the greatest perks of the Corporate Management Trainee Program.

We also travel together at times. Some of us went to Pittsburgh this week and had the opportunity to work in the Kraft Heinz office that’s located here. Our visit provided insight into the importance of both locations and what it means to have co-headquarters. We were also able to see some awesome new views! After spending the day at the office, we enjoyed the rest of the weekend watching the Pitt v. PSU game, catching up with old friends, and soaking in a different city before returning to wrap up our last days on project No. 1.

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