Sales Management Trainee Program Week 11 2H 2016

I accepted my Kraft Heinz job in November of my senior year at Clemson University, and I can honestly say I have not looked back. My time at KHC in Nashville, Tennessee has been exciting and challenging.

Since starting in June, I have traveled often, met inspiring coworkers, taken on projects that seemed beyond my knowledge base, and thoroughly enjoyed spending time in Nashville. I frequently venture to our headquarter offices in Chicago and Pittsburgh every few weeks to connect with my manager and gain insights on my project with other teams.

It is a unique experience every time, and it is not uncommon to meet with executive leadership. In fact, I had the opportunity to meet with two different executive members about my project! It means a lot to me that the project I am leading is important to our leadership team. With only three months into the program, my work has been presented to customers, and I can see the direct impact on Kraft Heinz.

The opportunities at KHC have surpassed my expectations, and I find myself saying “yes” to projects that once would have frightened me. Stayed tuned to see how all of the sales management trainees keep climbing through the program in exceptional ways.

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