Corporate Management Trainee Program Week 13 2H 2016

This was the last week of our first project rotation, so it was very exciting! This project truly went by so fast. It seems not too long ago that it was my first week on the team. For the past seven weeks, I’ve been working on a merchandising analysis with the base marketing team for a Kraft Heinz beverage brand. This week, I was wrapping up my analysis and preparing to present it to my team and the VP of marketing for the business unit. As part of my project, I recommended a merchandising strategy to be used in 2017. When I got to present my work to the team, it was very interesting to hear the types of discussions that were sparked by my recommendations.

The people in the meeting came from many different roles and departments in the BU and it was really cool to see their perspectives on how feasible the recommendations were. Getting to work cross-functionally on this project was a beneficial experience because I never realized how many people could be involved in, or affected by, a single decision. It was awesome to get that exposure. I’ve also been able to hone in my consumer market research skills throughout this project, which I think will be helpful as I want to pursue a career in marketing. Another skill that I was able to develop was drawing insights from big data and being able to tell a story with it.

Additionally, I’m really enjoying getting to hang out with my cohort during work. We all have lunch together every day. It’s really interesting to hear about what projects everyone is working on. Hanging out outside of work is always fun, as well. This past weekend, a few of us went to the taco festival in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago! There was music, art, and of course, many different kinds of tacos. It was amazing. I love getting to explore Chicago with these people!

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