Operations Management Trainee Program Week 13 2H 2016

This week marks the 13th week that I’ve been a member of the Kraft Heinz Operations team and the ninth full week I’ve been at my plant in Illinois. Between my onboarding schedule that covered every shift and every branch of work here in the plant, and the projects I’ve taken charge of, there’s never an idle moment. The environment and culture I experience here at the plant is amazing! Between the Midwestern friendliness and a true desire to help the new kid on the block, my transition into my role has been easy, comfortable and complete.

In the next few weeks, I will be wrapping up my largest project’s data collection and will begin implementing new processes. My project has allowed me to work closely with vendors, service techs, operators, and our Continuous Improvement team. Their expertise has contributed largely to my success, and they are all vested in this project. I’ll own the entire rollout of the changes I’m making. I’m nervous but excited at the same time.

There’s a strong sense of community here at my plant and it didn’t take very long before I was considered a part of that community too. Once everyone heard that I have a dog and like to hike, I was bombarded with suggestions of great places to visit that are beautiful and dog-friendly. Every week brings a new suggestion of somewhere in St. Louis to eat, a park to visit, or a fun event happening in my area. I look forward to coming to work, seeing everyone and working with them. I look forward to a bright future here at Kraft Heinz!

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