Sales Management Trainee Program Week 13 2H 2016

With fall in the air, I can’t help but be astounded when I reflect on my short time at Kraft Heinz. These last three months have been jam-packed with learning, meeting people with incredible experience, and impacting the company through my project work. The responsibility we have and support we have received from the start of this program is surely unmatched.

I have been fortunate enough to participate in extremely rewarding experiences. In August, along with the other trainees in Chicago, we were given the chance to give back by joining a Stop Hunger Now event. My team and multiple others successfully bagged 25,000 meals that will be distributed to developing countries throughout the world. We were also able to meet some of the Canadian trainees and learn about their experiences while engaging in some friendly competition on who could bag the most.

Also, I was able to go back to my alma mater, Indiana University, last week to help recruit on campus! Since I just graduated back in May, it was pretty cool to be able to talk about my experiences with the program and company to current students. The best part, of course, was getting to pass out Easy Mac to very excited college students!

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