Corporate Management Trainee Program Week 14 2H 2016

This marked the first week after our first rotation. Now that we’ve had a chance to work on projects for Kraft Heinz, we prepared to report out on our project results and spend another two weeks developing ourselves in classroom training.

It was exciting to be back in the classroom with all of the other trainees. We became very close as a cohort during the first six weeks of training. Everyone was eager to catch up about how their first projects went. On Tuesday, we even got the chance to present our projects to the entire cohort. From groundbreaking innovations, to complex financial models and exceptional marketing plans, my fellow trainees amazed me in presentation after presentation.

Later in the week we went through management and leadership training. I wasn’t sure what to expect from these, but they turned out to be quite valuable. Additionally, we worked with a team of trainees on a case study. Here, we got the chance to apply the skills we developed during our projects. My first project was in finance and, even though I had no formal finance experience before the rotation, I now felt like a subject matter expert out of all of my teammates. This really brought together how much I had learned in the previous six weeks.

Outside of the classroom, the Chicago summer drew to a close, our training cohort competed in a trivia night together, and we continued to navigate new restaurants in the renowned Chicago food scene. All in all, this week proved to be a great capstone for the summer and an even better culmination for our first projects.

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