Sales Management Trainee Program Week 14 2H 2016

I am heading into my fourth month of the SMTP Program. I graduated from the University of Cincinnati in Spring ’16 and began this program in June. At the beginning of July, I moved to Orange County, California, and have loved every second of it. Besides getting acquainted with the beach, I have learned an incredible amount about sales already.

I have gotten to work on and participate in many different things within my role! My goal coming into this program was to learn as much as possible within these six months, and I feel confident that I have so far. I recently wrapped up my data analytics project, and am beginning my category leadership project. It is incredible to see how much everybody within this company is willing to help when needed. My co-workers have been nothing short of fun, helpful, and enjoyable people to work with.

Within my role, I have attended quite a few fun events! This past month I had the opportunity to attend the Food Expo, which allowed me to spend three days with my team and get exposure to many different companies, products, and people within the food and beverage industry. I am currently looking forward to reuniting with my Sales Cohort in Chicago for a week of problem-solving training.

I have loved this program thus far and think it has been an incredible journey. I believe I’ve grown as a professional and a person more in these past four months than ever before!

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